Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know ...

Julie Bonello, who wrote a terrific review of The Boss's Wife For A Week, contacted me after she'd read it and asked if I would do an interview for Cata-Romance, the website that focuses on series romance novels.

I was happy to oblige (it beats writing Seb and Neely). And so she sent questions and I answered them, and the result is up on the Cata-Romance site here. So if you are bored or trying to avoid doing whatever it is you're supposed to be doing (like writing Seb and Neely or your own version thereof -- which might be cleaning the oven or scouring the steps or folding laundry or adding long columns of figures), by all means stop by and check it out.

I haven't forgotten that I'm supposed to be showing you the latest enovinification (that's Eamon in sheepshape) of Abby Green's dearly beloved. He is, as I mentioned, in apron form at the moment. I have been trying to download from my camera, but there appears to be some momentary glitch.

So I will be back with Eamon. He's too good to miss. And he is quite the chef. He helped me make chicken and artichoke hearts a couple of nights ago.

What? Did you think he could only make corned beef and cabbage?


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