Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Spence and Sadie -- Reviewed

Spence and Sadie have had their first review!

Or at least they've had the first review that has come to my attention. Over on Cata-Romance, you can read the full review.

But in brief it says: "The Boss's Wife for A Week is vintage Anne McAllister and readers who love books where the emotion is powerful, the repartee sparkling, the characters richly drawn and three-dimensional and the sexual tension absolutely electrifying will devour this book in a single sitting!"

Wow. Thank you, Julie at Cata-Romance. I'm thrilled that you liked it.

Julie has said lovely things about Spence and Sadie, too. She said he was "a hero to die for." I'm sure he won't find anything to dispute in that. And she calls Sadie "strong, sassy and extremely likeable."

She uses other words, too, like: "vibrant, passionate and unputdownable." Spence and Sadie and I are, to put it mildly, chuffed.

I got home this afternoon. I have a granddaughter-sized hole in my life which her parents had better fill with pictures. My son with the camera phone (not the same son) helped a bit by sending me a pic of his three year old twins. They definitely fill the hole.

I experienced the Boomer sized hole at Linda's house when we drove back there from the airport. And while his brothers, Homer and Spyke, do their best -- they aren't Boomer.

Tomorrow I'm going to put all this emptiness into Seb and Neely and make them distract me. Wish me luck.

And stop by the discussion on eharlequin to toss in your two cents worth on business-place romances. Is it the inequality in power that shifts when suddenly love equals the playing field that makes readers like that setting? Is it because so many of us work outside the home that we can see all kinds of possibilities there for romance?

What do you think?


Blogger Madeline said...

Hi Anne, I've been having trouble getting on eharlequin but, it did allow me to order your book last week. I should have it sometime this week. I'm really looking forward to finally reading it. I'm just sorry that I couldn't get in on your discussion this past week.

If you talk to Abby, please tell her that I absolutely loved her book and I'm looking forward to many more good reading experiences from her. Thanks to you, she now has a devoted reader in me.

All the best, Mads:)

09 September, 2007  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

I'll be sure to tell Abby, Mads. Thank you. Now that I have her book, The Kouros Marriage Revenge, to read, I'll be tempted away from Seb and Neely yet again.

Sorry you weren't able to get on the eharlequin site. We had an interesting discussion about good "office setting" romances and took a few stabs at speculating about what makes an office romance such an appealing format. We might have to discuss it here next month sometime. So maybe you can take part in that!

Hope you enjoy Spence and Sadie when they finally get to you.


09 September, 2007  

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