Monday, September 03, 2007

The PHS Hugh Jackman Tour 2007

Those lovely ladies over at The Pink Heart Society in the attempt to celebrate the lil pink dancin' man's first birthday have launched The PHS Hugh Jackman Tour 2007.

Because Hugh was the first Male on Monday at the PHS -- and because he is so very easy on the eyes, thus making research incredibly appealing -- we've been given the green light for a second go round.

"Pick your favorite Hugh Jackman pic and post it," they said.

Yeah, sure. Like there's one.

I have a whole folder dedicated to Hugh on my home computer. Sadly it hasn't traveled with me to the granddaughter's so I'm having to research all over again -- what hardship!

But here are a few of those recently grabbed that appeal to me. I don't think you need further commentary, do you? Just enjoy.

And be sure to stop in at the Pink Heart on Tuesday September 18th when I will be revealing all about the legend of Hugh-in-a-towel.

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