Monday, November 19, 2007

Life After Book

There is indeed a life AB (after book).

In fact, it's quite a lovely life for the most part. There are things to do that have needed to be done for aaaaagggggeeeeessss. And I'm beginning to get some of them done. There are books to read -- I'm getting one or two of them read. There are places to go . . .

I'm leaving for Texas tomorrow.

When children spread themselves around the country, the chances of ever getting all of them in one place for anything short of a wedding are pretty much nil. So we have been taking our chances, getting one here and one there. And generally we've been spending Thanksgiving with friends and neighbors and people we find without a place to go.

But this year we are going to Texas to visit our daughter and her husband and GlowKid. We did it four years ago and had a great time with them. One of our sons came then, too. He won't be there this year. But I just saw him in Washington state.

We're looking forward to the visit. I'm taking cranberries. In a bag. So I can make the cranberry sauce when I get there. I might bake some pumpkin bread tomorrow if I have time. I'm busy changing the sheets on the bed so the dog sitter can have a place of his own uncovered by dog hair (for the first instant anyway). And I'm going to enjoy kicking back and relaxing while I'm there.

I'm not exactly looking forward to the trip -- flying on holidays is not my favorite pastime. I rather feel like my youngest son does: I love being different places. I just don't much like having to get there.

Oh well. It beats staying up all night to work on the book.

I wish you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. May you, even if you don't celebrate the holiday in your country, at least stop and reflect on the things you have to be thankful for.

Among my many blessings, I'm thankful for all of you.



Blogger Madeline said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday Anne. I'm so thankful for the relaxing time that you give me at night when I read your books. I work at a very stressful job and it is so good to be able to sit down and read when I come home at night.

This Thanksgiving, may we all be thankful for, good friends, good health, and the many blessings which are bestowed on us every day.

Have a really great Turkey Day, Mads:)

20 November, 2007  

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