Friday, December 14, 2007

At the mercy of the weather

So tomorrow we go to the airport to pick up the granddaughter and her parents. Ordinarily not a big deal. It's about 85 miles to this airport from our house.

But the weather we've been having recently -- ice, ice and more ice -- has made travel problematic. I almost got run over by a skiploader full of snow and ice this afternoon when I went downtown to the post office. The last time it snowed was Monday into Tuesday. And they are still trying to find a place for it all.

Having been in much the same situation with the stuff in my house as the street department is with regard to snow, they have my sympathy. They can't just stick it in the Christmas ornament box and push it under the bed to deal with after the holidays. I admire what they've done so far because it hasn't been easy.

And my mother, the weather guru, is promising more snow. I hope she's wrong. I very much want her to be wrong. We'll see. I would prefer not to drive 85 miles each way in snow. And I do hope it's not snowing in Denver.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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