Monday, December 31, 2007

Hoppy New Year!

I'm trading in the ducks in a row for things that hop this year. I'm hoping for great leaps forward.

Ever the optimist, that's me.

I wish I had a Maine Coon kitten to introduce as a new family member (the dogs don't wish this at all). But I'm happy for those who do have, and I look forward to meeting both of them when I go to England again this summer.

In the meantime I'm not doing resolutions, but I'm hoping for some quiet progress in a variety of areas -- like organization, a semi-clean desk every once in a while, overcoming a few brick walls on the family history front, continued good writer-editor communication. And, especially, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for terrific heroes to show up and make writing their stories a pleasure this year.

I'd also like to meet some of you who read this blog. While we may not get it done in person, if you would just leave a comment and say where you're from and anything else you'd like on the blog today or later this week, I'd appreciate it.

Sometimes I wonder who's out there (if anyone -- besides Mads, that is, and Sadie, my godcat, and Sid, my feline hero across the pond, and Kate his transcriptionist). I look forward to waking up in the morning and reading some comments.

Hoppy New Year!



Blogger Madeline said...

Ok Anne, I might as well start this off, even though you already know Sadie and I , just a bit.

I lived in Philadelphia, Pa. for 46 years. A little over 8 years ago, Hubby and my 2 sons, decided to move to the far NE corner of Pa. 200 miles from Philly.The area is called The Endless Mountains. I wasn't too thrilled about the move but, have learned to love it up here. We are living between 3 of Pennsylvania's most beautiful mountain ranges.

Winters are a bit difficult, with all the snow and ice but, Summers are really beautiful. We bought an old 1850 farmhouse and a few acres with a private creek on the property.

I have 2 grown sons, 1 very large, very mixed breed dog, 2 cats and all the wild animals outside my front door that you can imagine.

I'm addicted to reading, and have been known to finish reading a book a night. I used to write short stories and newspaper articles, a long time ago. This past year, I decided to try my hand at writing again. This time I'm attempting to write a book. God help me! I have developed a total respect for authors. Writing a book is not easy but, I'm determined to try anyway.

Well that's me basically, in a nutshell or nuthouse, if Sadie has anything to say about it.

I hope others take my lead, and tell you about themselves. I'd love to read what everyone has to say.

Happy New Year! All the Best, Mads:)

01 January, 2008  
Blogger Liz Fielding said...

Love the frog theme, Anne and I hope he takes you forward in leaps and bounds in a productive, happy and truly wonderful New Year.

I still don't quite seem to have all my ducks in a row so I'm trailing in your hoppy wake, but will catch up with you in February for our annual Valentine "Bride's" contest.

01 January, 2008  
Blogger Anne Gracie said...

Hey, your frog theme resembles my new frog earrings, so the universe is telling me to put my hand up and be counted.

Waving from the bottom half of the globe, where the weather is currently very hot.

All the very best for the new year. May 2008 be better in all ways than 2007.

01 January, 2008  
Blogger Kate Walker said...

Dear Lady Across the Pond

I don't really feel that I need to introduce myself to you or your blog readers. After all, you have had the honour to have me as a guest blogger in the past. However as it looks as if one floozy called Flora seems to be attemptiong to usurp my place as Media star in the cyber world, might I just remind you and your readers that I am The Cat - the one whose calendar hangs upon your wall without a single trace of Mademoiselle Fluffy in all the Year of Sid.

I have taken your advice dear lady and am attempting to take The Floozie's actions - and flirtings - with a pinch of salmon but she can be a trial, particularly when she grabs my New Year Chicken delicacies by sneaking under my chin. I forsee that I will have to teach her Manners before she gets right under my fur.

But she is a pretty like thing and we may make a Cat of her yet

I am concerned about your frogs dear Lady. I was never very partial to things that hop. Spiffy (Grandad Spiffy to The Floozie) has been known to catch one or two in his time but he tells me that that do not taste nice and they will wriggle when hanging from his mouth be one foot.

I would prefer that you went back to Ducks - ducks taste much better.

But whatever critters you choose - elegant,handsome, Alpha Cats, or d-o-g-s (My Regards to Gunnar the Great) I hope you do have a wonderful year and my door is always open - should you wish to visit and lavish head rubs on me, I will always be graciously pleased to accept.

I look forward to seeing yuou again in 2008

Your affectionate

Sidney St John Willoughby Eamonn Portly-Lummox Laird of Hellions Bumpstead, Earl of Blubberhouses - afflicted by A Floozie

01 January, 2008  
Blogger Christa said...

I'm in Ontario, Canada. If you ever visit Niagar Falls just wave, I'm about 15-20 minutes from there.
I try not to make resolutions either, just stay organized. Hope to be stopping by more in 2008

02 January, 2008  
Blogger Kate Hardy said...

You know where I am, too - Norwich (in the middle of the bump above London on the east side of England). Would be lovely to meet up again if you're over here.

Love the frog theme - must be something in the ether because I seem to have the Frog Prince as a theme running through my current book :o)

04 January, 2008  

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