Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We Have A Winner!

Gunnar has picked the winner of the 12 Books of Christmas contest.

Congratulations to Rania in New Mexico for being the person whose name he picked. All 12 books will be going out to you this week, Rania. I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks very much to everyone who took the time to enter. You overcame difficulties on my website (which still aren't totally fixed, but we're working on it) and I'm very impressed. Thanks for that!

And remember that beginning Feb 1 I will be having the second annual Valentine's Day contest along with Kate Walker and Liz Fielding. Last year, if you recall, the Brides started a contest -- a "Here Come The Brides" contest -- and were almost immediately challenged by Theo, Max and Dom doing their "Here Come the Grooms" version.

No idea what will be happening this time, but I can say that I'm sure Theo will be back at least once in February. He's already told me he'll be here.

I'll endeavor to have my contest page fixed by then -- or preferably sooner.

Congrats, again, Rania! And thanks to all who entered!



Blogger Madeline said...

Congratulations to Rania!

Anne, I look forward to hearing from Theo again. I sure do miss his posts.


11 January, 2008  

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