Monday, January 14, 2008

Where do you get your ideas, part 4

I have no idea how many times we've talked about where you get your ideas -- or I get mine. But there have been a few posts at least. So consider this a sequel and let's talk about football.


Why not? It was the best weekend for football all year. Four games between the eight best teams. What more could you ask for?

There was drama, excitement, snowstorms, controversy, old gunslingers and new kids on the block. All the stuff that great stories are made of.

If you watched, you would have a ton of story ideas. Who wouldn't warm to the Ryan Grant two-fumbles followed by three touchdowns and 201 yards bounce back from disaster? Who didn't delight with Brett Favre in yet another amazing game -- this one complete with snowballs?

Who didn't wonder whether Tony Romo should have gone to Cabo -- or if they didn't wonder that, they probably wondered why on earth anyone would care where he went and with whom?

And Eli? Who expected Eli to be the last Manning standing on Sunday evening? And who doesn't know who the Chargers' backup quarterback is now?

People ask, Where do you get your ideas?

Watching football. Or doing whatever else you did this weekend. You don't even have to write about football. In fact, if you're writing romance, you probably don't want to be writing about football because, Susan Elizabeth Phillips aside, most romance writers who tackle (only slightly intentional pun) football don't endear themselves to their editors -- or at least to marketing.

The point is, the ideas are there. It's being open to them. Spotting them. Twisting them and turning them. Perceiving them in this light, then in that one. It's all in what you do with them.

And anyone who writes will tell you that even given the same ideas, we all do different things with them.

Today I wrote a guest blog about a writer who does great things with the ideas that come to her -- and who never ceases to delight me when I read her books. You can find the blog over on Author Sound Relations' Tote Bags 'n' Blogs. Check it out. Leave a comment.

If you do, you might win a copy of my most recent book, The Boss's Wife For A Week. You might win a copy of my favorite book of hers, The Perfect Waltz.

Know who I'm talking about?

Anne Gracie.

And it just happens to be her birthday. Happy birthday, Anne!

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Blogger Anne Gracie said...

oh, wow, Anne, thank you for the lovely surprise, and for the birthday wishes and the cyber cup-cake, which won't ruin my diet ;)
Much appreciated.
Hope all the other Capricorns out there are having lovely birthdays, too.

14 January, 2008  
Blogger Bronwyn Jameson said...

Happy birthday, Anne G! And Anne M -- why is it that the playoffs happen along every year, right when I don't need to be distracted from the current deadline?

Love me some of your football!

14 January, 2008  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Anne, hope you've had a happy birthday and hope you don't mind my 'mentioning' it. But when I got this day for my guest blog, it was just a natural!

Bron, I know, I know. It's horribly distracting. And obviously even moving across the world wouldn't keep the football out of my life! That game in Green Bay was fantastic!

14 January, 2008  
Blogger Teagan Oliver said...

Okay, Anne... I'm a huge fan of your blog posts... no matter where you post them. I'm also a huge fan of your books.... so, I'm tagging you. If you want to see what this is about feel free to wander over to With a Little Luck... my blog at

I promise, I did this with only the utmost respect... :)

14 January, 2008  
Blogger Christa said...

Happy Birthday Anne G

15 January, 2008  

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