Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Every year I send my son Patrick the card about St Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland while they kick and punch and swat each other in the backseat of his car and say things like, "He hit me!" "I've got to pee!" and "How much farther is it?"

I love that card. I've driven snakes -- and children -- out of a lot of places in my life. The children, at least, keep getting back in!

There are none here at the moment, though, and I miss them. We took the dogs for a walk just as school was about to let out (school here never having spring break and even less so this year when we've had 11 -- count 'em -- snow days). It reminded me of all the years of waiting for them to hurtle down the hill and bang into the house. Much quieter now.

Except for when the postman arrives. The children didn't make nearly as much fuss about the postman as the dogs do. Wonder why.

Seb and I have come to terms. He's working. My Jane Donnelly piece for The Pink Heart, which will go up on Thursday (or late Weds if you live in North or South America). It was such a treat to re-read her books in preparation for writing it. They never get old.

I will be talking about some of my favorites later this week. If you have a favorite Jane Donnelly book, please drop by and share it. If you haven't read Jane Donnelly, you ought to. For me she's the quintessential romance writer.

Everyone has their favorites. She's mine.

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