Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blogging Around

While I am granddaughter-sitting, my blogs (written last week) are set to appear on Monday.

The Pink Heart Society has my Male on Monday choice -- Michael Vartan, And the lovely people at We Write Romance are featuring Presents this month and have my blog on the joys of writing for that line scheduled for Monday as well.

Please stop by and leave comments if you are inspired. Always glad to hear from you -- here, there and everywhere.

Also I'm happy to report that my good friend Anne Gracie has been invited to join the Word Wenches on their blog as a regular contributor. She will be writing at least one post a month there, and her first one is also featured on Monday. So please stop by and say hi to Anne.

I'm happy to say that Christo and Natalie appear to have their act together. They had a tough time on Saturday when I threw out a couple of thousand hard fought words, but now that they are sorted, I think some of the words might actually come back.

It's interesting having the end already figured out. It makes what they're doing clearer to me. Less possibility for them to go hieing off to prospect for gold in Alaska for one thing. (I hope).

Still no pix. Sorry about that. I would have loved to post more Michael pix as I have been collecting them for months in anticipation of this blog. But I'd never get this one up if I tried adding a picture.

Did you notice that we've had visitors from 100 countries now here on the blog? It happened during this past week. I'm not even sure which the 100th country was. Togo? Libya? One of those two I think. But they had passed off my neocounter before I was able to discover which it was.

I'm really excited that people from so many places all over the world have dropped in to visit. Keep on coming!

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