Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Alpha Hero -- all you ever wanted to know

All you ever wanted to know about the Alpha hero -- and his Beta and Gamma brothers -- is the topic of conversation on Kate Walker's blog this week.

Kate has taken herself off to bask in the rain of Ireland and, Tom Sawyer like, has deputized several of us to discuss our takes on the Alpha Hero.

Mine is up today at Kate's website. Sandra Marton was there yesterday, but before she left Kate put up a couple of really insightful posts about heroes. Start at the beginning (mine is the fifth in the series) and you'll find some interesting info. I know she's got some very interesting takes on the subject from various authors all week. So check it out.

I think the line-up should be fascinating all week long.

Kate herself has done a particularly good job of describing the way heroes can have all facets of the alphabet in their make-up -- it just depends on what's called for.

Amen to that. In fact, it's when they are solely one-dimensional, that they lose their humanity.

Drop by Kate's blog and comment. Comment here, too, about your own take on heroes. As someone who is usually cited as 'not fitting in' with what Harlequin Presents are ordinarily noted for, I have a stake in wanting to know your views of heroes.

Seb (an Alpha by his own contention, but with definite facets of other letters of the Greek alphabet) will pick the comment he likes the best to win a copy of Savas' Defiant Mistress -- or a backlist title provided he can find it in the attic, if you prefer.

He'll announce the winner here on Saturday. So check back.

New contest also beginning on my website, ending Mother's Day. Guess why!

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Blogger Jill said...

love love your heroes. That's really all I have to say.

21 April, 2009  
Blogger lidia said...

I love well written alpha heroes. So far, your heroes have never disappointed me. They have a "code of honor" that they stick by and I admire that.

Too many so called alpha heroes are written with quite frankly nasty tendencies that in no way can be excused or explained.

It is refreshing to read a book with an alpha that is true to his beliefs and who exemplifies why a alpha is one of the best!

21 April, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Jill and Lidia,
Good to hear from you, and thanks for the kind words. I totally agree, Lidia, that "nasty" is no way for a hero to act. I think Kate's post about how heroes respond to situations is an excellent read. And I think that he has to have an inner core of honor and decency that he sustains no matter what the provocation.

21 April, 2009  

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