Monday, June 12, 2006


What are the chances that I would discover a genealogical seminar that I wanted to attend, that I would travel to Alabama to attend it, that I would pick a particular course as being the best one to suit my interests at this time, and that I would walk into the classroom, survey the empty seats, see several in one row with several strangers, pick a seat and end up sitting next to my cousin?

I don't know either, but it pretty much blows me away.

This is a cousin on both sides of my dad's family. On Dad's mother's side she is related because her g-g-grandma and my g-g-grandpa were siblings. On Dad's dad's side, my g-g-g-grandfather and her husband's g-g-g-grandfather were brothers. My cousin and I have corresponded on and off for about 8 years, but we had never met. In fact life got in the way and we hadn't corresponded in a couple of years at least.

I didn't know she was coming here. She didn't know I was coming here. We certainly, then, didn't know we'd chosen the same class or the same row of seats.


And quite wonderful because we have been able to compare notes and give each other ideas, and I have no doubt that this will, when we go home, spark a flurry of emails and further research that will get us moving in the right direction with renewed enthusiasm.

It works like that in writing sometimes, too. A completely unexpected serendipitous event comes along that jolts me and I see a new path, a new way for things to develop, a way that probably existed all along but it took something startling to awaken me to the possibilities.

I had a moment like that with Spence last night. He did something that surprised me. And it surprised Sadie, too. It hurt Sadie and she did something that surprised Spence.

Life is interesting -- and good. (Except I see the US lost today in the World Cup. But I was in class and missed it).


Blogger Kate Walker said...

I love stories like that!

And how wonderful that you met up with your cousin. Hope you have a great time getting to know her in person.

And enjoy the course

13 June, 2006  
Blogger Sue aka MsCreativity said...

It fascinates me when things like this happen. I really believe that some things are meant to be. You were meant to have chosen that seminar, that state, that course, and that seat! How amazing!

I love the little teasers you give about what's happening with Spence and Sadie!

14 June, 2006  

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