Monday, June 25, 2007

The multi-multi purpose room

I got to paint my son's ex-office today.

Actually it is still half his office -- for the moment. Currently it is housing a crib, a dresser, a changing table, a computer, a fax machine, a file cabinet, a bookcase, a mounted deer skull, a badger skin, a stack of historical biographies, a cross bow, and gun cabinet. It's a pretty crowded room.

Fortunately the new occupant won't be needing it for a couple of months so more adjustments can be made.

But real progress was made today. I had no idea we were going to paint. But yesterday, after the shower, when the dining room filled up with loot from the shower (including above mentioned baby furniture), Son decided it was TIME.

When this son gets the bit between his teeth, things really move. We had the room emptied and prepped and two coats of paint were on before dinner. The room began the day a sort of a deep slate blue (courtesy of the former user of the room prior to my son). It is now supposedly white. It actually looks sort of, um, gray. His wife thinks beige would be an improvement. Tomorrow he's going to get another gallon of paint and go for beige.

The painting was fun -- even if tomorrow it's going to be another color altogether. I get to help again as I've got one more day here.

I'm looking forward to it. He is possibly the only son who would allow me to paint with him. Maybe his next oldest brother would, too. He, too, is reasonably tolerant of ineptitude and does not strive for perfectionism. The eldest son wouldn't let me, I know that. The eldest is like his father -- a proponent of the Sistine Bathroom School of Painting.

These are the people who are meticulous, orderly, and basically perfectionists. They are not me. I did not paint our bathroom. The reason I call it the Sistine Bathroom is because my husband did paint it. And when he does anything, he makes sure it is perfect. It was lovely (still is, though he was not the last Michelangelo to paint it. Last time I hired a retired teacher to do it). But it took all summer to get that way.

I like to be meticulous and crazy when it comes to writing books. Not painting. But I enjoyed doing it today. And tonight I get to sleep in the living room with the fish because besides being my son's office and his baby's new bedroom and the gun room, it was also the guest room.

Not tonight.

Got a bit more done on Sebastian. He and his heroine are beginning to come to life. Keep your fingers crossed.

The baby shower was great. When I get home and get things downloaded I may be able to put up a pic or two.


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