Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chloe Picks a Winner

Meet Chloe.

She's Anne Gracie's dog. She has sparkly collars and feather boas for all occasions. And in this case she was picking a winner from among the commenters on my blog about Anne over on Tote Bags 'n' Blogs on Monday.

So here's what happened, in Anne's words:

"Papers bearing numbers 1-18 were laid out over the rug. Wagging tail
and leaping dog (who knows a camera means Treats) disrupted original
neat layout.

A dried liver treat was tossed onto the rug. There was a flurry of dog
and sparkles and a piece of paper bearing a number got pawed away in
the scrum.

And the number on that piece of paper was #13, which was...
Michelle L, the winner."

So, congratulations, Michelle L! If you will go to my website and hit the 'contact Anne' button at the bottom of the sidebar (or just click the link here), you can leave me your mailing address and I'll see that you get your prize -- a copy of my The Boss's Wife For A Week and one of my favorite book of Anne's, The Perfect Waltz.

Thanks so much to everyone who commented. I think Anne enjoyed her birthday!

And for those of you who are contest-oriented, check back on Feb 1 when Kate Walker and Liz Fielding and I -- and those grooms! -- start up the second annual "Here Come The Grooms" contest.

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