Monday, January 21, 2008

Speaking of heroes . . .

Well, I don't suppose we were, except tangentially. Not here anyway.

But over on the Romance Banditas site, Anna Campbell did an interview with Anne Gracie that started us off on a discussion of what makes a good hero. I said a few things off the cuff, but it started me thinking about it because I'm trying to convince Sebastian to be a good hero.

And it seems that his idea of being a good hero and my idea are not converging at the moment. He's being, um, difficult. He knows exactly what he wants -- and he expects me to hop to and get it done.

I expect him to have just a bit of patience. Books weren't written in a day, I told him.

"Not at the rate you're going anyway," he said.

I told him sarcasm causes baldness. He rolled his eyes.

So I've told him we are going to discuss heroes on Wednesday right here on this blog, and he'd better pay attention because there was going to be a test at the end -- to see if he'd got the drift.

So bring your ideas and let's tell bloody Sebastian what's what. If he's going to get a whole book about his life -- and love -- he's got some wising up to do.

I haven't told him yet who his heroine is. He's going to be appalled.

See? He has a long way to go!

And get ready for the Here Come the Grooms contest, part II -- on February 1st, when my guy, Flynn, is joined by Kate Walker's new hero and Liz Fielding's new hero. Theo promises to come back and give them all a bit of moral support.

He could give Sebastian a lesson or two as well.

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