Thursday, May 22, 2008

Free Time

This business of 'no revisions' has freed up my time. From waiting for the other shoe to drop, suddenly they've been neatly put away in the closet and I am allowed to get on with my life.


Pleasant, of course. Don't get me wrong. I love not having revisions. But weird all the same.

It's giving me time to go visit with friends I haven't seen since Christmas. It's allowing me to actually read books written by other people in the middle of the day. It's given me the luxury of saying, Why not? when someone suggests a last minute, Why don't we do thus and such?

I could get used to this.

But I probably shouldn't. I should just get on with the new book. I'm giving it serious -- well, sort of serious -- thought. I get bits and pieces as I think about other things. Or I get glimmers of ideas that might work. It's sort of interesting, this watching myself pick over pieces of flotsam and jetsam and evaluating them. I've never done it before. Haven't had the time to do it.

Is this a good thing?

Who knows? But I'm enjoying it.

By the way, pictures have not been loading on my blog since sometime on the weekend. So if they start showing up, you'll know the problem is fixed. They're there. But they don't get up on the site. And today nothing much is loading. Hmmm.



Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Okay. Instantly they made a liar out of me. I've tried and tried and tried to upload a pic to Seb's blog for him, and it wouldn't happen. We got the blog to load, but not the pic. And I tried today and got the pic in the blog, but it wouldn't upload. And so I wrote THIS blog, and uploaded it slick as a whistle after ages of trying for Seb's pic.

And of course, when I look at the blog, there they both are.

Computers! Fie on them.

22 May, 2008  

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