Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why I Don't Have My Revisions Finished

The silence you've seen (heard?) from my end is because I have been devoted to working on my revisions since I got back from the west.

Well, I also got a cold and that slowed things down a bit. As did the multitude of electrical storms that had me turning the computer off and on more than I would have liked.

But I've been working -- and I need to go on record as saying that if anyone ever says to you, an editor for example, that if you just changed one thing in the beginning bit -- have the hero say yes instead of no -- that won't be much trouble, it's just one word, right? Don't believe them!

Yes, it's just one word. But the ramifications are, um, vast. Basically it changes everything that happens to some degree for the rest of the book. Which means not only writing about what happens once he says, "yes," but also what happens after he's done what he's agreed to do.

Because, believe me, baby, things are not the same.

I knew that. I knew it when I started. And I wouldn't have agreed to do it if I hadn't seen that there was some wisdom in doing it that way. It's a different angle on the same story, but a stronger angle, perhaps. And that's all to the good.

But it's taking time to do right.

And of course I couldn't get to it because I was busy. And I would post some of the real Extremely Important Reasons I was busy here, but Blogger isn't uploading pix tonight.

So I'll do it tomorrow. I hope.

Meanwhile I'm heading back to the book.

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Blogger Lacey Devlin said...

LOL Anne! Your post title sounds like Why I Don't Have My Homework Finished! Ahhh that brings back memories ;)

14 August, 2009  
Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Well, at least in this case (so far), Lacey, it isn't that the dog ate it.

14 August, 2009  

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